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Note:- eUPP Service fee is a standard fee, will be applicable to all instruments
  • Setup services are available in DIY mode for the School Admin to setup the data
  • eLite SIS implementation team can help over email support during normal working hours but cannot help with data input or rectification
  • Implementation services are charged as per standard terms mentioned on
  • One training is free for subscribing schools over the web for a maximum of 4 hours.
  • School / Institute can purchase more training as per their need using the link
  • eLite Support Team generally conducts open training sessions once a month that are free for subscribed institutes. Interested participants can join the link that will be published in the Admin Portal of the system from time to time.
  • eUPP service fee is charged to the students at the pre decided rates that are mentioned in the table below. No additional charge for domestic instruments is added to the eUPP Service Fee.
  • eUPP Service Charge will be added to the School / Institute Fee while payment is being made by the student. If School / Institute decides to provide the eUPP Service Fee on their own, they need to inform the implementation team while signing the agreement so that suitable provisions can be made available in the system.
  • While the agreement mandates all fee payments using the portal but does understand the situation where the parent might be paying the fee using cash or cheque due to unavoidable circumstances. In this scenario, eUPP Service will be added to the Fee to be charged in the Payment Center of the system. In this case, school will collect the eUPP Service Fee and will be paying back to the provider using the link and amount displayed in their admin section.
  • . If school fails to pay the desired eUPP Service Fee Collected from the fee payment in the stipulated time frame, the provider organization reserves the right to suspend the services under the agreement signed between both the parties.
  • The renewal fee for the services would be charged annually at the prevailing rate of the service at the time of renewal.
  • . In case of School / Institute deciding to not renew the Premium Plus Services but wishes to continue using eLite SIS then they can get converted to a regular SaaS model of eLite SIS to a parallel package pricing prevailing at that time.
  • Pricing published at will always be the guiding price of the system. All offers and discounts including promotional schemes are only displayed at the published public URL and no other offer provided / solicited to you from any other quarter should be entertained.
  • Custom offers to the School / Institute will only be valid if signed by authorized person from the organization. Kindly note that no offer should be entertained unless that is accompanied by the Digital Reference Number that can be used to verify the authenticity of the document and proposal shared both by the organization and by the client prospect.
  • All Terms and Conditions of usage of the system would be applicable as per the final agreement signed between the organization and the client. It is encouraged that client reads and signs the agreements to avoid any confusion later during the subscription period.